Deer Hunts: 2020
ARCHERY: October 1st - November 20th 2020
5 day hunt- $1300 (all inclusive)
SHOTGUN / RIFLE: November 21st - December 13th 2020
5 day -$1400 (all inclusive)
$200 per day for persons who have hunted previously this year with us. (no meals)

*Call for Hunting Trip price updates before booking trips
*Non Hunter - $150.00 p/day
*$200 non-refundable deposit on all hunts
*No personal checks accepted on final payment

All Hunts include: * prices may change without notice-- call for current Hunting Rate Cost.
**Lodging **Guide **Transportation, **Stands **Ground Blinds **Dressing of Birds or Deer
Also Available-- *Meat Processing *Transportation to & From Airport *Capeing - etc.
Dale Lane - 315-536-8506 (office - day) 315-374-0017 (cell phone)
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